Currently I am a full time Professional 1st class Firefighter with Brampton Fire & Emergency Services.  I have been a career firefighter for the past 15 years.  Serving North Bay Fire Dept. for 4 years and 11 with Brampton Fire.  I have many certifications.

  1. -I am medically trained in First Aid / EMR / AED (defib).

  2. -I hold a valid DMZ drivers licence.

  3. - NAUI Scuba Open water 1 certified.

  4. -Background extra in film/tv/movies

  5. -Range officer at gun club

  6. -Honour Guard Drill Commander


    I am currently married and live just north of the GTA.  I presently love my new company and hope it will grow in the greater GTA as I have.  Helping people seems to be in my blood.  I am more than willing to work with you and help tell your story as I tell mine. 

     That being said I hope you enjoy this small website and definitely think of us when you go to shoot or write that next script.  Having great looking props helps!

Thanks &

God bless!


    My name is Jordan Paris.  I am the owner operator of ParisfireProps.  Growing up a military brat all over Canada I hold a place in my heart for our troops and soldiers everywhere that protect our freedom.  My love of movies and storytelling has always been a part of my life.  Over the years I worked on many independent films as an actor.  I have also had numerous experiences as an actor doing special skills in movies right here in Toronto.  With numerous props I am now able to help out the independent directors and film makers here in the GTA.  Along with my props,I carry a PAL licence and I am fully ‘Restricted and Non-Restricted ‘ certified in firearms.  I am also a certified range officer at my gun club.  This allows me to have a good working knowledge of firearms, handling of weapons, and most important Safety!  Although my props are all replica they are still treated as if they are real, respecting the fact that they should never be considered just toys.